Maria Luisa Chiusano - Principal investigator [CV]   chiusano*
Pasquale Di Salle (Biotechnology) - PhD student since 2011   sadburner*
Chiara Colantuono (Biology) - PhD student since 2012   chiara.colantuono*
Hamed Bostan (Computer Science) - PhD student since 2012*
Luca Ambrosino (Biology) - PhD student since 2013   luca.bioinfo*

Old staff members:

Nunzio D'Agostino (Biology) - PhD in Agrobiology and Agrochemistry: genetic improvement and horticulture   nunzio.dagostino*
Alessandra Traini (Physics) - PhD in Computational Biology   traini.alessandra*
Miriam Di Filippo (Biology) - PhD in Molecular Evolution   miriam.difilippo*
Alessandra Vigilante (Biology) - PhD student in Bioinformatics since 2009   vigilantealessandra*
Mara Sangiovanni (Computer Science)   mara.sangiovanni*
Enrico Raimondo (Mathematics) - PhD in Computational Biology   enrico.raimondo*
Vincenza Maselli (Biology) - PhD in Molecular Medicine S.E.M.M.   vincenza.maselli*
Raffaele Cassandra (Computer Science)   cassandra.raffaele*

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Our group includes guests and visitors from other research groups as well as University students that make experience in the laboratory for their short term and long term thesis work.
  • Valentino Ruggieri (Biology) - guest PhD 2013-2014