CAB (the Computer Aided Biosciences group), directed by Maria Luisa Chiusano, is mainly involved in researches concerning Computational Biology and Bioinformatics aspects.
The CAB group works on the use and implementation of computational methods for the management and analysis of biosequences and higher order structures of biological data. The principal aim of this research is to identify structural, functional and evolutionary relationships among biological systems that could increase the knowledge and provide basis for further applications.

Research topics:

  • Identification of structural and functional relationships in Nucleic Acids and Proteins (From Gene to Protein)

  • Comparative Genomics (Regulatory Regions analyses; Multigene Families; Origin of the Genetic Code)

  • Structural and Functional Genomics (Genome analysis and annotation; EST data analysis)

  • Design and Implementation of computational methodologies for biological sequence storage and analysis (Pattern discovery and pattern search)

  • Implementation and management of Data Banks of Biological interest

  • Implementation of computational methods for 3-D structure analyses